Insulation Services
Hot Insulation Services :
Hot InsulationThe Insulation is required for environment temp. Exceeding +600C. The type of Insulation comes under Hot Insulation. The materials required and generally applied for the Hot Insulation are as under:

  • Lightly Resin Bonded (LRB) Rockwool Mattresses with Wirenetting Suitable Upto +550 0C.
  • Calcium Silicate Insulation Suitable Upto +800 0C. And Suitable upto +10000C
  • Ceramic Fiber Blankets: Suitable Upto +1000 0C, +1260 0C and +14250C.

Cold Insulation Services :
Cold InsulationThermocole: Both in ND and TF quality, Suitable from Ambient to -20 0C.
Polyurethane Foam: Suitable from Ambient to -200 0C.
The Insulation can also be done by machine, providing cavity of the required thickness and dispensing the PU Chemicals in defined proportion through dispensing machine. The job can be done at site and the process is called as In-Situ Foaming Work.
Nitrile Rubber: Suitable Upto - 40 0C

Dual Insulation Services :
This is a combination of Hot & Cold Insulation where the process demands are for Hot & Cold Insulation, and the process lines and equipments are used for both purposes.

Acoustic Insulation Services :
Acoustic Insulation ServicesThe Application is required for reducing Sound levels. The acoustic applications are done in Buildings, Malls, Theatres, Hotels, Studios and Hospitals.

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